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The ICT Business Council focuses on sharing the best practices on e-governance development with other countries. Direct effects of e-government include cost effectiveness in government and public operations, significant savings in areas such as public procurement, tax collection and customs operations, with better contacts with citizens, especially those living in remote or less compactly populated areas. There are several reasons why e-government, after spreading through developed market economies, has now become a priority in an increasing number of developing countries. Around the world, significant resources are being mobilized as well as additional human resources to develop, implement and promote the use of e-government. However, since such resources remain insufficient in regard to the huge tasks of socio-economic development and poverty mitigation, it is essential that they are used wisely and with a maximum chance of success. “Benefiting from other countries experiences, understanding their successes and failures, and adapting that knowledge to the characteristics of one s socio-economic environment is vital to the future of e-government in many parts of the world” - That is why ICT Business Council has established the Reformer s Club with the aim to share among other countries the best practices of the business climate reforms that has been implement(ing)ed during the last few years in Georgia.

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